OBL MEDIA LLC specializes in helping businesses and government agencies close the gap between their products and/or services and the Hispanic community. We formulate plans according to the needs of the customer to maximize their efforts and investment.

The hispanic community continues to represent a big opportunity to grow, expose your business to this vibrant community and benefit form a brand new set of consumers willing to do business with those who invite them to do so.

According to the Pew Research Center, Hispanics in the Northwest account for 12% of the population with over 1.4 million living in the Pacific northwest.

Also, by the same account the percentage of the population under 18 is around 24%!

This means that in a few short years the Hispanic Market in the region will be in a position to make decision as to what products and from whom they are going to purchase, as well as to where do they need to go for public services available from the government agencies.

As part of the community we understand the needs for effective communication from the public and private sector. Weather we are first, second or greater generation, we still rely in family and friends when it comes to finding answers to matters we are not aware of; things we need to get done and may not know where to go. That is why It is important that those friends and family members get the right information so they can provide the correct information when requested.

That is why by working with OBL Media LLC. Business and government agencies will be in great hands, as we would help in the process of getting the message across in the more accurate way possible.